Hi everyone. Just wanted to update you on the issue regarding the Bethpage Discovery Before and After Program. We had heard a rumor that the complaint made by possibly two parents was in retaliation for either not being open until 6PM or a personal attack against one of our members. Again this is Bethpage and this is rumor, but it's extremely disheartening. At no time did we ever think we needed to be licensed, and at no time did we even know that the OCFS was not only overseeing us but had changed it's rules and regulations. We were NEVER contacted until the complaint was made and the violation was imposed.
If this was done as retaliation the only people hurt were our CHILDREN. We are now make every effort to become licensed as per OCFS guidelines.
I have been registration director of this program since it's inception over 20 years ago and I promise we will continue to provide a safe and caring environment for your children.
We thank so many of you for your support, especially that of our principals and superintendent. Please be patient and bear with us as we go through the process. Your comments are appreciated but please understand if I can't respond to all of them.